Sonntag, 23. August 2009

Urban Hamburg

Yeah, we are like a bunch of idiots, always searching for any way to get hurt or spending money on useless things.
Yesterday, we decided to go to Hamburg ... to hit a rail ... with our boards or skis ... and it was like 30°C outside.

Luckly, our local fridge had enough snow to make a stupid thing like that possible.
So Torge, Florian, Pia and me met at the icehall to totaly overload Florians small wagon with fresh pow-wow-snow (...not!)

In Hamburg we met Karsten and Benny, waiting at the urban spot in the near of the harbour. The spot is legendary for blading, but i'm pretty sure we were the first ones hitting it with snow, maybe like 99% of the Handrails in north-germany...

The Spot was a bit sketchy, so we decided to ride it as downrail, the only problem was the sign in the landing, we couldn't get out.

So let the pictures talk about ...

Florian and Torge shoveling snow

Me, setting up the flashes

That's how work should be... Florian checking, Torge chilling, Benny shoveling

Florian Kirch - 50/50

Benny Urban - FS Nose

Torge Nagel hitting the rail

Thanks guys!

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